"We began working with Trevor and Dayna 5 years ago doing the intensive suit therapy program.  Our daughter had major orthopedic surgery 6 months prior and she was having a very tough time both physically and emotionally.  Trevor and Dayna worked tirelessly trying to find ways of helping her, at a time that our daughter was very resistant to therapy.  We came from Europe 2-3 times a year, and through the years Katie has made vast improvements both physically and emotionally.    They are such a wealth of knowledge and support and are always willing to help, answer questions and work with parents.  It is also very nice to have the two therapists coming together during these intensive sessions as their views are very complementary and collaborative. We don’t think there are two better physical therapists in the world and in fact, we relocated from Europe to Orlando.  Now in addition to the intensive therapy sessions, we are able to have traditional therapy as well.   We are very blessed!"


"In January of 2013, we had the pleasure of meeting someone who would change our son's life forever. Our son, Matthew was 4 years old and had been through countless orthopedic surgeries to correct the deformities he was born with so that one day he would walk.  After all of those surgeries, his progress was very slow and he began to have muscle atrophy.  He had been through traditional therapy for years at another place and after a while we were very discouraged and even wondered if the surgeries were worth it. I knew in my heart, that there had to be something else out there for him that would be more effective.

Everything changed when we found Dayna in January of 2013. We started traditional therapy once a week until his intensive therapy session started in September.  When Matthew first came to Dayna, he couldn't even push through his legs or stand. After a few months at only one hour a week, I couldn't believe the changes. After seeing the large gains in such a short amount of time, I thought " I can't even imagine what he will do when he's here for 20 hours a week for 3 weeks". I knew in my heart that Matthew would leave intensive therapy walking!

I video taped his gains daily during intensive therapy and on the 8th day, my prayers were answered when Matthew took his first few steps! The next day he was up to 56 and by the end of the 3 week session, he had taken over 800 steps while wearing the Therasuit! Dayna and Trevor worked tirelessly every day during the intensive session and kept the exercises fun and interesting. Each exercise made him stronger and stronger. I even noticed how different his legs looked each week. They went from being these skinny little sticks to actually having some meat on them. At the end of intensive therapy session, we were even able to donate his gait trainer. He no longer needed a walker. 

We were so impressed with what our son achieved in only 3 weeks, that we signed him up for another session to start 6 months later.  Dayna and Trevor blessed not only our son, but our entire family. Their dedication to and belief in Matthew gave him the independence of a lifetime. We can't ever repay them for the gift they gave our family. Please feel free to check out Matthew's progress from the beginning at : http://m.youtube.com/results?q=brittany%20fratus&sm=12"

-Brittany and Matt Fratus

"Jansen and our little family had the pleasure to work with such an amazing pair of ladies for the last three weeks. Thank you, Believe Pediatric, for the high level of professionalism and the warmth, attention, and devotion displayed for Jansen, as well as myself and the rest of my family. We are thoroughly impressed with what Jansen was able to achieve in his short stay and look forward to seeing you again next year!!!"

Love, The Logsdon-Lewis Family

"It’s a very powerful word.  "It factor" can be a driving force as we search for what is important in our own lives.  Sometimes we can't find the words to describe what we mean, but that simple word can sum it up. Other times, "it's" a feeling in our gut that we get and can't ignore.

As a parent with a child with special needs, I spend so much of my time with my heart in my throat, as I hang on every word the medical field professionals may say to me, and even though I am listening intently, I am also waiting to hear…..it!  All to often, the "it" was a coverage for bad news. That "It" constituted a long timeline that didn't seem clear. Or "lt" was a textbook description that to me, didn't seem to fit my son's diagnosis or progress.

Our son Liam was diagnosed with an underdeveloped cerebellum at the age of one. As his twin sister developed, we caught the delays early on and we were aggressive with his care. Our days were filled with traditional physical therapy. Drive an hour, have a workout for an hour, and drive back home for an hour.  Repeat several times a week, and practice the skills at home. But something seemed missing to me. "It" didn't seem complete. So at age 3 we researched and started Intensive Physical Therapy out in Michigan, and we saw results immediately.  We saw that our son was receptive and even enjoyed the 4 hour workouts. We saw the results of repetition, and we gained knowledge on how to incorporate the exercises within our daily lives. It worked for our son. But I still had that nagging "something missing" feeling in the pit of my stomach.

March 2012 this frost bitten family from Rhode Island packed up all our special needs equipment and drove for two days to start our first three week session with Trevor and Dayna. At first, this edgy New Englander thought it was just the Florida sunshine that started to melt away my rough edges, but I quickly learned it was the power of these two wonderful therapists!  They not only treated Liam with Physical Therapy, they treated him with respect, and more importantly LOVE! “That’s it! They got it!” The “it factor'' that I have been searching for! The extended length of work-out time allows these fantastic ladies to access, nurture, and get results. They give words of encouragement, they reward with hugs, and they celebrate accomplishments.

Trevor and Dayna not only treat the child, they also give attention to the family. They ask deep questions and honestly care about the family surrounding the child. I appreciate their use of humor and pointed words of advice. They would understand if I showed up with makeup on one side of my face or two different shoes on my feet. Let's face it, having a disabled child is a struggle enough, Believe Pediatric Physical Therapy understands that daily struggle, and they made me realize that what we go through is "normal".  I also appreciate the intimate clinic setting. The three weeks allowed us to meet several amazing families with super hero disabled children going through the similar challenges as our son Liam. Sitting side by side another mother every morning is much more effective than reading a blog page on a computer screen! HIPPA can't stop Mom's from talking!

So, we will be back each year to visit Believe Pediatric Physical Therapy. Because "it's" what we do. "It" works for us, and we Believe...."  

-Anne Howell

"Dayna and Trevor are amazing! My daughter Mia has been attending their intensive suit therapy program for a few years now and the progress she has made is awesome! Out of all the therapy services Mia receives, we see the most progress and growth in her development with Dayna and Trevor. Their knowledge of the techniques is unmatched in the physical therapy world, but above all their love of the children that they work with shines through in everything that they do. Mia and I are so lucky to have Dayna and Trevor in our lives and to be a part of their intensive suit program. They continue to give us more faith and hope for our futures with every session."


Emily and Taylor are Believers!

Emily and Taylor are Believers!

"Believe is the best therapy place for a kid. The place is amazing. They have a separate room with a TV and a couch and a rocking chair. So if you want to relax while you're there  you can. Now for one of the best parts, the therapists. Mrs. Dayna and Mrs. Trevor are really nice and sweet, and funny too, you can even have dance or jumping parties. (But you still need to do your work. At Believe there are activities that are super fun that you (the kids) won't even know you're working, like the "I gallop" it makes you feel like you are on a horse, but it's really safe. Then, there are some activities that are really hard work but you just have to believe in yourself."

-Emily, Age 12

"Believe is awesome! The therapists who work here known as Mrs. Trevor and Mrs. Dayna are cool, you’ll love them. Just like I do. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work. But isn’t that what therapy is? Hard work to help you. Plus, you can even get rewards. Therapy rewards. Jumping in the spider cage (which isn’t full of spiders. It just looks like you’re a spider with the orange bungee ropes), Flying with a harness (Isn’t dangerous; not actually flying.), Pretzel sticks, and hide and seek or any other things. Okay, off of the rewards subject, you can walk on the treadmill. You have to do stretches. Oh! And there’s this thing called the iGallop where it’s like riding on a horse. By the way, if you’re listening to music on the radio or Mrs. Dayna’s phone, ask her to dance. It’s funny. This isn’t like any other therapy. It’s the best in my opinion."
-Taylor, Age 12