Treatments are made individual to each patient according to what motivates and inspires each child to do their best.  At Believe Pediatric Physical Therapy, we are committed to creating an environment that allows their inner strengths to flourish so that each child works hard to achieve their goals. It may include music, cheering family members, fun and play, or a quiet environment. The therapists and child work as a team to advance their skills. Here are some amazing videos that our "Believe" families would like to share with you of their hard work and success during treatment.

Jumping to the top of the cage!


See the progression Matthew makes during one treatment session.


Music and therapist work together to inspire EJ to walk across the gym unassisted!

Unweighted treadmill gait training.
The spider cage is sometimes a lot of work and sometimes a lot of fun!

And now Matthew can get himself up!


Caleb Believes!

Ian is walking it out!